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To commission a painting or drawing of your pet, family member, house, business, vehicle or favourite location, on this page you will a few tips towards the commission process. I work from photos of your chosen subject and a good quality, detailed photo will enable me to create your hand crafted piece of fine art to cherish forever.

The quality of your photo's are very important in the process and enable me to deliver the commissioned picture to the quality and detail that we will both be happy with so you must choose wisely.

All I ask for is high resolution digital images or good quality photo grade originals that are clear & have good exposure.

The examples below demonstrate both bad and good examples.

Dark /
Under Exposed
Poor Use Of Flash /
Red Eye
Back Lit /
Poor Detail

Unsuitable Images

Good Images

Good Detail
Good Lighting
Good Pose

The best photo’s are from natural lighting, ideally an overcast but bright day for animal and people portraits. Avoid having the sun behind your subject, avoid using your flash and the midday sun can result in very harsh shadows. Use the highest setting on your digital device and take the photo at your subjects eye level for pets or family portraits.

To order your commissioned picture or for any other queries please contact me via my contact page.